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Why you should hire a Professional Makeup Artist for your Wedding!

Weddings are expensive. But you're great at makeup right? So why would you pay money for someone else to do it on your wedding day when you could do it yourself and save on that cost? Or maybe your cousin's husband's sister's aunt is great at makeup and quoted you $35 per person? Well, believe it or not, there are numerous reasons that you may have not even considered on why it's so important to hire a professional for your big day. Or why it is even more important to make sure who you hire is a professional. Here's a glimpse into why it is SOOOO important to hire a Professional artist for your wedding day.

Reason #1: You want to be camera ready, all day and night long! There is a HUGE difference between everyday makeup and makeup that translates in photos. Even the makeup I wear on an everyday basis, I would never wear if I knew I was going to be photographed. Your Wedding is probably one of the only times in your life, where you are the center of attention, all day and night long. People are going to be snapping photos of you constantly. Also, you are more than likely spending a real pretty penny for your photographer right? Reason being, they are a professional, they are trained on lighting, composition, editing, etc. If you are spending this much money on a photographer, you'd be a fool not to hire a professional when it comes to makeup. You're going to be looking at these photos for the rest of your life! Makeup Artists are trained on what products work best for long wear, what products work in certain lighting conditions, and what products translate in photos.

Reason #2: We know our products. Makeup Artists don't just buy whatever product is trending that particular week. We use tried and true products that professionals have been using for DECADES. We know the ingredients in our products. We know how they react with other ingredients, and we know how they react with different skin types. Because we understand the ingredients in our products, we know how they will perform in certain conditions. For example, If you are an extremely oily person, we know what products to use to ensure your makeup lasts all night and doesn't break down after a few hours. We also know what ingredients won't translate well in photos (for example, cause flashback.). We know what ingredients aren't compatible, and what products work best together.

Reason #3: Consistency within the Bridal Party. Going back to your photos, you're going to want everyone looking their best that day right? A Makeup Artist will make sure that everyone in your Bridal Party is glammed to their full potential and looking cohesive. Even Susie who doesn't wear makeup, and even Stephanie who always looks orange. Typically, an Artist will consult the Bride on the look she wants for her Bridal Party. We never want any Bridesmaid, MOH or FMIL to outshine the Bride, and we never want someone who doesn't wear makeup or someone who wears too much makeup to be a distraction in such important photos. More often than not, the Bride requests a soft natural look for the Bridal Party. So even though you may be great at your own makeup, you're not going to want to do everyone else's makeup that day, and members of your Bridal Party may not be confident enough to apply Wedding Day Camera Ready makeup! So let the professionals handle it!

Reason #4: You deserve to be Pampered! The morning of your Wedding may very well be the most stressful morning of your life. You have tons of people pulling you in every which direction, your phone is ringing off the hook. Having a professional do your makeup takes one thing off your plate on your Wedding Day. It's one of the few moments that the Bride gets to sit down, grab a mimosa, take a deep breath, relax and reflect on the moments to come.

Reason #5: Trial Run! You may be unsure about hiring a professional makeup artist for your wedding. What if the makeup doesn't come out the way you like it? What if you're unsure of what you even want look wise? Any professional Makeup Artist will require a trial appointment prior to your big day. A trial is there to ensure that the client and artist are on the same page regarding your desired look. It allows for communication, inspiration, and a preview of your Wedding look. The artist has a chance to consult with you regarding your skin, and current beauty routine, and also able to provide advice on how to best prepare your skin for Wedding day makeup. If there is something you don't like, or something you'd want to change, the artist has time to edit the look so that you are completely happy and confident prior to your big day!

Now that you understand the importance of hiring a professional, here are a few tips on finding your ideal makeup artist!

1. They have a website/portfolio of work.

A working professional should have a professional website. If the Artist you're inquiring with only has an Instagram account, chances are they are not a professional.

2. A professional service is going to come with a professional price-tag.

If a Makeup Artist quotes you less than $75 for a service, I'd question their professionalism. Professional grade products are expensive, and the cost of a website, other marketing tools, insurance, etc. should be reflected in the cost of services.

3. They offer a trial service.

A trial service is imperative in making sure you're on the same page as your artist, if they don't offer a service, be sure you request one.

4. You like their style!

Not every artist is the same. There are tons of artist who create amazing work, but with anything, they are going to have a signature style. Make sure that your artist matches your style!

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