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Katyann Sullivan


M E E T   K A T Y

Our Journey:
Crafting Beauty, Creating Confidence

Unleashing Creativity Without Limits

Inspiring Confidence, One Face at a Time

Staying True to Ourselves as Women and Artists

A Journey of Artistry and Empowerment

As an instinctively creative individual


Katyann Sullivan has always found herself dabbling in various artistic pursuits.  Art is something she has been passionate about since she was old enough to hold a brush. 


As a natural born artist, Katy finds herself to have an intuitive approach to beauty that allows her to naturally enhance one's features.  In her Artistry, she strives to marry modern beauty, with timeless and classic.  Her style exhibits a soft, ethereal look, featuring polished, glowing skin.  Her signature look is a clean, fresh complexion, accompanied by a soft sultry eye, that is adapted to meet the desired look of each individual Client.  

Like all things, Katy's artistry is ever evolving, and she is eager to explore innovative approaches to beauty, and continue creating new, inspiring looks for her Clients. 


Coupled with a formal education and professional background in Fine Arts and Photography, Katy has proven to be quite distinguished within the industry.  She relies heavily on her vast knowledge of color theory and mixology and prides herself in hand creating every shade of foundation that she applies to the face.  Her complex understanding of light allows her to create a delicate, authentic look unique to each individual Client, that will translate effortlessly in photographs.

In the vibrant tapestry of our lives, there lies a dream we nurtured during our youthful years—a dream of establishing ourselves as artists and crafting a business that encapsulates our deepest beliefs and passions. This dream gave way to Face by Katyann Makeup Artistry.

At Face by Katyann, we believe in the boundless power of creativity. It's not confined by rules or restrictions; it's a force that flows freely, breaking barriers and redefining beauty. We've cultivated a space where creativity knows no bounds, where we dare to explore, experiment, and innovate. Our tools are our paintbrushes, and your face is our canvas, ready to be adorned with the strokes of imagination.

Beauty, to us, is not just skin deep; it's about the confidence that radiates from within when you feel your best. We are here to inspire that confidence in you. Through our artistry, we aim to enhance your natural beauty, bringing forth the features that make you uniquely you. Whether it's your wedding day, a special event, or a momentous occasion, we're dedicated to making you look and feel your absolute best.

We understand that in the pursuit of our dreams, we should never lose sight of who we are as women and as artists. Face by Katyann Makeup Artistry is a reflection of our values, integrity, and authenticity. We are committed to embracing our identities, empowering women, and celebrating diversity in all its forms. We are more than just makeup artists; we are advocates for self-expression, individuality, inclusivity, and self-love.

Our journey is not just about makeup; it's about artistry, empowerment, and a celebration of the beautiful tapestry of life. We invite you to embark on this journey with us, where every brushstroke tells a story, every shade reflects your personality, and every look is a testament to your unique beauty.

At Face by Katyann Makeup Artistry, we are not just artists; we are dreamers, creators, and believers in the transformative power of beauty and self-expression. Join us as we craft the canvas of confidence, one face at a time, and as we continue to stay true to who we are as women and artists.

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