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Self Care

Self love is so important. In this fast paced world we live in, it’s easy to put others needs first and often forget about ourselves. Managing stress and promoting emotional wellness is sometimes hard for us. However, there are some really simple self care practices you can establish, routine things that we can implement without much time or thought in our daily lives, that can really change the way we approach stress and handle our emotions.

Here is a little glimpse into my self care strategies.

Daily self care strategies:

- Every single morning I get myself an iced tea. Although it’s not much, it’s something routine that i do for myself every single day. This is a minimal purchase, but its something I treat myself to. If Im going to spend 8 hours at work everyday, I deserve it. It’s a simple reminder every morning that I deserve to be treated.

- Every single night before bed, I indulge in my skincare routine. Skin is a huge symbol of self love - it is your outward appearance and how you view yourself when you look in the mirror. For me, partaking in this 10 minute routine is washing off the stress of the day. I’ve spent years trying to get my skin to a healthy place. I treat myself to luxury skin care products to help myself look and feel good. When my skin looks and feels good, I feel good.

Weekly self care strategies:

- Once or twice a week I will light some candles and take a hot bath. I like to throw in a bath bomb from lush for an added sensory experience. The oils In these bath bombs create an aromatherapy experience which really helps to relieve stress. The heat of the water relaxes my muscles. The oils released in the bath water moisturize my skin. The fun colors and sparkles stimulate my visual senses.

- Once a week I’ll indulge in my favorite treat, such as ice cream or frozen yogurt. I’m pretty strict with my diet during the week, so I try to reward myself on the weekend but indulging in some of my favorite foods. This helps me to keep a healthy balance in my diet without feeling guilty when I splurge on something high in calories.

Monthly self care strategies:

- Once a month I’ll go get a pedicure. This is something I don’t mind spending a little money on because it is a huge stress reliever for me. Taking that two hours for myself and letting someone else pamper me is so important to my mental health because I am always pampering other people!

- I try not to shop too much because it has always been an unhealthy addiction for me. In fact this year I gave up clothes shopping as my New Years resolution (unless I have a gift card). But once a month I’ll treat myself to an unnecessary purchase of some kind. These days it’s usually a new makeup item, or perfume or candle.

Quarterly Self care strategies:

- Once every few months I’ll indulge in a full body massage. This is an expensive but necessary indulgence. By nature, my career is very taxing on the body. Because of that, I often deal with chronic pain and inflammation. Getting a massage every few months really helps to keep my pain under control and works the tension out of my muscles.

Other self care strategies:

cleaning - cleaning always helps to relax me and helps relieve stress because I’m focusing my efforts n solving a problem. Whether that problem is purging my closet or organizing the junk drawer, I’m releasing stagnant energy which directly effects my emotional well-being.

exercising - working out is a great tried and true form of relieving stress. Personally I like to do some intense stretching or yoga, because I carry my stress deep in my muscles.

Creating art - as a career artist, I rarely get to create any art for myself. Whenever I can, I’ll try to make some time to create - whether that’s doodling in a meeting or investing one of my days off in a project, stimulating my mind and challenging myself always helps to reenergize my creative spirit.

Id love to know what your self care strategies are! Please don’t be shy! Share any tips you may have!

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