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Beauty Forecast!

Hey ya'll! Trends come and trends go, but Bridal beauty is forever. Here is what I'm forecasting to trend for the upcoming wedding season when it comes to Bridal makeup.

Glowing Skin!

Matte skin is thankfully on its way out, leaving room for healthy, glowing, hydrated skin! Brides are wanting to show THEIR own skin, not mask it with heavy matte, powdery looking makeup. Ladies are ditching the matte finishes, and opting for dewey foundations, tinted moisturizers, and cc creams. I'm so happy about this! I love fresh skin. I avoid painting on an even layer of foundation, and intentionally only use as much foundation as someone needs.

Ditchin' the heavy contour!

I'm anxiously awaiting the day that this trend DIES for good.. but for now at least I can appreciate that my Brides are ditching the heavy chalky contour and instead requesting a more natural sun kissed glow. I achieve this by using a cream foundation a shade or two darker than my clients skin tone, or a bronzer. This results in a much more skin like finish. Sorry cosmetics industry, but those contour kits will (hopefully) one day be obsolete. (at least in my kit)

Nixing the crusty matte lips!

Matte lipsticks definitely serve their purpose, which is being super long lasting (important for a wedding right?). But uh also super drying! I have a few great formulas that I've fallen in love with that aren't drying, but I am loving getting requests for traditional creamy lipsticks! Personally I'd much rather reapply my traditional lipstick a couple times than end up with crusty dried out lips! The best part is that I always leave my ladies with a touch up kit for their wedding night that includes their lip color!

Subtle eyes with long lashes!

Dramatic eyes may be a thing of the past in the wedding world. Theres still a few Brides requesting a darker eye look, but more often than not I'm getting asked for a neutral palette paired with super full and long lashes. Can't be mad at that!

This last one is my favorite thing to see go!

See ya later Instagram Eyebrows!

Why was this even a thing? I could not be happier to just comb someones natural brows, spot fill in as needed with a powder, or just comb through some brow gel. I loveeee that my Brides are rockin' their own eyebrows again! Also - loving this microblading trend. Less work for me! HA!

Are you all foreseeing any other upcoming bridal makeup trends?

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