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The Frameworks

Updated: Mar 12, 2019

Okay lets talk about eyebrows for a minute. They are highly overlooked and under appreciated way too often. Eyebrows are sooooo important! They literally frame your face. So here's a few tricks of the trade and recommendations on my favorite brow products.

First of all, its not the 90s - stop over plucking and waxing your entire eyebrow off! Let those hairs grow! I avoid waxing my brows pretty much entirely. I use a great needle nosed pair of tweezers and just pluck those little sporadic hairs as they come in, that way my brows always look neat and clean, and i don't have to let them grow unruly and long enough for them to be waxed. Every couple of months I will trim them. I comb them up using a spoolie and then use teeny tiny scissors to trim them down.

Even if you have great full brows with a perfect shape (does that exist?) if you are wearing a full face of makeup, you're going to look unfinished if you do nothing to your brows. At least comb them through with a spoolie and throw on some brow gel. (I like Benefit Gimme Brow which can be found at Ulta, Sephora or Benefit's website. It's about $12 for the travel size and $24 for the full size). OR you could get them tinted or microbladed so you can avoid putting makeup on them!

For my everyday makeup, I typically use a brow powder (I love Senna brow products!) I have very thick and full brows, but they are sparse in my arch area. I comb them through and then used a thin angled brush to lightly apply a powder. I use an upward brush stroke in the area closest to my nose, and follow the direction of the hairs until I reach the end of my brow, where I will be brushing the powder downwards. Once i'm finished applying product, I comb them through again! *TIP* If your brows are sparse towards the front, line your brush up with the outermost edge of your nose vertically and thatll show you where your brow should begin!

Another product I love is the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz, which you can get at Ulta, Sephora or the ABH website for $21. Its super thin and easy to control and there is a great variety of colors. It is super important to match the color of your brow as close to your hair color as possible so that they don't stand out and aren't the first thing someone notices about your face! Brows can be very distracting to a look when they aren't done properly.

If you feel like you struggle with brows, just practice! Its a skill, and like anything else practice makes perfect!

I hope this helps! And always, feel free to reach out if you have any questions!

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